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the importance of a digital portfolio

Chloe Barrett

& Jade Bair


build your brand:

crafting a digital portfolio

Mikaela Felty,

Abigail Haynie,

Aleko Kontos,

Rachel Laughlin,

Sean O'Donnell,

Alicia Sadang,

Ethan Stell,

& Julia Walters

Keech, Kaylee.jpg

the enchantment of the ocean

Kaylee Keech


selected poems on depression

Micah Reeder

Kelly Umenhofer - Photo.png

from an idea to a thesis: the evolution of the writing process

Kelly Umenhofer

group 2.png

effects a social media image can have on future careers 

Dan Bernardini,

Emily Perez,

& Aaron Templin


SEO: no longer an optional endeavor

Ben Habecker

Mosser, Halle (new).png

four years later:

a personal progression of writing skills

Halle Mosser


gender expression in the lgbt community

Abi Risser

VandenBerg, Colin.jpg

living with two birth dates:

the culture of neuro-rehabilitation clinics

Colin Vanden Berg


how to craft the perfect portfolio for you

Christpher Blair,

Sierra Erwin,

Kristina Kamberger,

Scott MacHenry,

Monee Myers,

& Abigail Whitehead-Zimmers

Hoffman, Leah.jpg

importance of content strategy for international audiences

Leah Hoffman


Publishing Opportunities at Millersville University

Matthew Moyer,

Sara Pizzo,

Jared Hameloth,

Julia Walters,

& Ethan Stell

Sanchez, Cindy.jpg

the start of a new magazine on campus

Cindy Sanchez

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