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2024 Issue

Kate dougherty

Editorial team liaison

Kate Dougherty graduates in the spring of 2024 with her BA in English and a minor in ESL/Linguistics. As the current Editorial Team Liaison she facilitates communication and collaboration amongst the interns and faculty directors. She provides support to her team as well as authors via training and workshops to ensure everyone has the tools and resources to accomplish their goals. After graduation she hopes to begin her career in editing, as she most enjoys helping authors through their writing process.

Allison mengel

Project manager for authors

Allison Mengel is a junior English major and Studio Art minor. As the Project Manager for Authors, she is the primary contact for those who wish to publish with the Made in Millersville Journal. She manages the MiMJ email, and will be present in hosting the upcoming author workshops. She also communicates deadlines, initiates correspondence, and is always happy to answer any questions that come her way. She is hoping to learn all about the publication process, and hopefully make it into the field one day. She looks forward to getting to know and work with all of the talented writers that are working with the Journal this semester!

Natalie brown

web design specialist

Natalie Brown is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Writing Studies. As the Web Design Specialist, she publishes all student submissions and works to enhance and expand the Journal’s website to ensure all aspects are accessible. In addition to her Web Design role, Natalie is the Made in Millersville Conference Liaison, meaning she works with both the Conference and the Journal teams to promote connections and collaboration and encourage students to take part in the Made in Millersville Experience. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in editing and publishing.

amelia cusanno

marketing and outreach specialist

Amelia Cusanno is a senior English major at Millersville University working as an editor and the Marketing and Outreach Specialist for Made in Millersville Journal. Cusanno has previous experience in editing, communications, and marketing through the Creative Writer’s Guild (former president, current treasurer) and The George Street Press (secretary) at Millersville, and hopes to continue doing similar work in the future. Cusanno’s own poetry has been published by The Academy of American Poets, and has an upcoming short story publication in The George Street Press.

contributing editors

Hannah Almodovar

Ari Anderson

Christina Ball

Marshall Barrows

Dakota Baxter

Emily Brubaker

Anna Bushta

Melany Carrasco

Evan Dorsey

Sierra Englehart

Mick Finnigan

Jamie Hughes

Palina Jordan

Jessica Klinedinst

Aubrey Lenker

Kylie Loiacono

Ashton Nafziger

Roman Parham

Amber Range

Daniel Sauve

2023 Issue

editorial team

About Me



About Me



About Me

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About Me



2022 issue

editorial team

About Me


About Me

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About Me

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contributing editors

Ava Adiletti

Jessica Blaney

Marlisa Cambridge

James Craig

Aimee Feuda

Megan Gockley

Olivia Heilemann

Alexis Lamb

Ryan Leeder

Kylie Myer

McKenna Murphy

Kaitlyn Leister

Marina Poole

Katie Potts

Rachel Ritchey 

Kora Serrano

Ash Turner

Valentina Zamora

Savannah Frankovitch

Rachel Gordon

Katherine McLaughlin

Chris Pearson

Eden Swartzentruber

2021 issue

editorial team

contributing editors

Stephin McCloskey

David Vitti

Alexis Jenkins

Hannah Carricato

Hannah Holbritter

Maia Carfagno

Kialha Shinko

Dale Stoltzfus

Jake Markoff

Jocelyn Weitzman

Liz Forrester

Steven Conrad

Connor Woods

Mary Miller

Nana Olu-Wehuje

Emily Boyles

Christa Gumbravich

Michael Draeger

Ryan Leeder

Madelynne News

Carly O'Neill

Lauren Walsh

Amber Holton

editorial team

contributing editors

Mikia Crawford

Rachel Laughlin

Monee Myers

Emily Perez

Cindy Sanchez

Haley Schott

Kelly Umenhofer

2020 issue

2020 Editorial Team

2019 issue

editorial team

contributing editors

Jade Bair

Chloe Barrett

Abigail Breckbill

Kayla Confair

Abigail Haynie

Scott MacHenry

Alicia Mcrady

Amanda Mooney

Matthew Moyer

2018 issue

2017 issue

2016 issue


Alexandra Attinger

Daniel Dicker

Sara Lipski

Shaakirah Tate

Mikayla Steele


Alexandra Attinger

Lauren Ostopowicz

Maria Glotfelter

Sophia Emmi


Rowan Byrne

Maria Glotfelter

Isidore Iradukunda

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