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effects a social media image can have on future careers

By dan bernardini

Dan Bernardini is a Digital Journalism major at Millersville University and is in his senior year. Dan is an avid social media user and this project furthers his interest in the world of social media and how one presents themselves. This project emulates the good and bad to social media. It's imperative to demonstrate how people's lives in the online world can affect them in real life.

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& emily perez

Emily Perez is an English Major with a concentration in Writing Studies and a minor in Theatre. She is in her senior year at Millersville and became interested in the effects of social media through her Digital Portfolio course during spring of 2020. Social media is a large part of today’s society and this project allowed her to explore and share how positive social media profiles can impact a person’s professional career compared to profiles that are or can be deemed inappropriate.

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& aaron templin

Aaron Templin is a Senior at Millersville University majoring in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus in Sports Journalism. Aaron plans to graduate in the Spring 2020 semester and begin an entry level position in Sports Journalism, Broadcasting, or Reporting in the Philadelphia, Lancaster, or Reading area. Aaron’s interest in sports derives heavily through studying the analytics of any game and being able to hold conversations on a variety of sport topics. Aaron has participated in clubs on campus including MUTV, The Snapper, and WIXQ. Aaron completed an internship program with the Borgen Project whose goal was to spread awareness for global poverty. Writing articles for professional publication for a great cause has given Aaron an enhanced and broader experience in the journalism field. In his free time, Aaron enjoys playing Soccer, hanging out with friends, and helping others in the community.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Emily at this email address to start a conversation.

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