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gender expression in the lgbt community

By abi risser

Abigail Risser is a junior at Millersville University majoring in English: writing studies with minors in journalism and women and gender studies. Her Zine was originally created as a final project for the course ‘Gender and Communication’, but in researching how gender is expressed and communication within the LGBTQ community, she’s taken a deep interest in the topic of gender and communication. She found in especially interesting how the LGBTQ community, despite straying from what society considers “normal”, still reflects the gender binary in how they perform their gender and identities. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Millersville, Abigail would like to use her research to continue studying how gender is performed and communicated through Communication, Culture, and Media Studies in graduate school.


Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Abi at this email address to start a conversation.

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