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build your brand: crafting a digital portfolio

By Mikaela Felty

Mikaela Felty is an English major with a minor in Linguistics. She is in her senior year at Millersville University and, as a senior, she thinks that it is important to enter the work force as prepared as possible! Mikaela pursued this project because she thinks that it is important that all majors know how developing a digital portfolio can help the daunting task of job seeking.

& abigail haynie

Haynie, Abigail.jpg

& aleko kontos

Aleko Kontos is a double major in English and Graphic Design. He enjoys all facets of writing from editing scholarly work to analyzing the writing for television and film. He also spends a large portion of his time creating motion graphics and animations. He hopes to work as an editor or graphic designer for any company that puts words on paper, then spend his free time animating. Design is a huge part of his life and sharing the fundamentals of design with others is what motivated him to present at Made in Millersville.

Kontos, Alexander.jpg

& rachel laughlin

Rachel Laughlin is a senior at Millersville University graduating as a double major in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry, and Multidisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Science Writing. As an active and involved student, Rachel has many interests in and out of her studies. This has led her to accumulate many projects and accomplishments which she wishes to share this year at the Made in Millersville Conference.
     Her second Made in Millersville Journal project was mediated by her current Digital Portfolio class. In this course, she learned how to design a digital portfolio to best represent her character, talent, and abilities in the professional workplace. She hopes that her class’ presentation educates her fellow student about what a digital portfolio is, why it is important, and how to successfully make one.
    As her graduation date approaches, Rachel’s thoughts have been consumed with the future. As her last year at Millersville, she wanted to share as much of her work and personal growth as possible with the conference and get as much exposure and experience as possible. Her immediate plans after graduation are to obtain a full-time job within the chemistry or editing fields, while preparing to return to graduate school and advance towards her career goal of becoming a science editor.

Laughlin, Rachel pic.jpg

& sean odonnell

For the past five years, Sean O’Donnell has been fortunate enough to represent several organizations – being the bridge between the company and the publics for colleges, nonprofits, and cooperate companies. Through his experiences, he has been able to develop a style of writing suitable for public relations for an organization and have developed the ability to communicate to stake holders and the public. Currently, Sean plan on working for a PR firm based in Philadelphia, where he will be able to network with several cooperate companies. When he is not working, he enjoys writing about current news events, volunteering to help the community, and reading articles on the Public Relations Weekly website. 

& alicia sadang

Alicia Sadang is an English major with a minor in Business Administration. She is a senior at Millersville University. She was introduced to the portfolio project, in Digital Portfolio, where the class came together to create a presentation on the importance a digital portfolio can have on a young student entering the workforce or for those going forward with additional education. 

& Ethan stell

Ethan Stell is an English major with a focus in Writing Studies and an Economics minor. He is in his senior year at Millersville University and recently became involved in Made in Millersville. With his experience in rhetorical strategies, this presentation was an opportunity to display his learned skills in a way that will benefit students that can better utilize social media, as well as anyone who may be looking to have a professional online presence.

Sadang, Alicia pic.jpg
Stell, Ethan.jpg

& julia walters

Julia Walters, in part with Dr. Kerry Farkas’ Tuesday Digital Portfolio class, created this project as an assignment meant to explain why a digital portfolio is so helpful in today’s job market, no matter what someone’s major is or what field one plans on entering. Julia will be representing digital portfolio benefits for Digital Journalism majors. As a journalism major, it is so imperative to provide employers with examples of your work and having a website with your best pieces in one place seems like the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to do that. By participating in the MiM Journal, she hopes to educate students on the importance of a digital portfolio, as this is something that will help all those graduating from Millersville or any other institution of higher education. Upon graduation, she will be putting her digital portfolio to use and applying for as many writing or communication positions as possible.

Walters, Julia.JPG

Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Rachel at this email address to start a conversation.

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