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What is the purpose of the Made in Millersville Journal?

The purpose of the Journal is to publish summaries of student work that was showcased at the Made in Millersville conference. We want to provide our authors and editors with an authentic publishing process.


Who is the audience for the Made in Millersville Journal?

Becasue the MiMJ’s audience consists of a wide range of readers, such as students, faculty/staff, and community members, our MIMJ editorial team works with our authors to ensure their publications are accessible to a general audience as well. 


What is the Made in Millersville Journal?

The Made in Millersville Journal is a digital platform that publishes summary articles for students that present at the Made in Millersville conference. Overall, it is an opportunity for students to experience an authentic publishing process. The Journal acts as an archive of past conferences as it documents the presentations and scholarly conversations year to year. Read more about us on our About the Journal page!

Does the Made in Millersville Journal come in a paper copy?

No, the Made in Millersville Journal is a digital publication only.

How can I get in contact with the Made in Millersville Journal?

You can reach us via email at or through the form on our Contact page. We are also on Twitter @mimjournal and Instagram @mim_journal.

How can I apply to be an intern on the Editorial Team?

Applications for the Made in Millersville Journal Internship will be due during the fall semester. The internship will be announced through flyers around campus, posts on 'Ville Daily, or emails from your professors.  If you have more questions about internship opportunities, contact Dr. Kerrie Farkas or Prof. Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol.

How can I become a contributing editor for the journal?

Students who take ENGL 466: Editing and Publishing a Digital Publication become contributing editors for the journal. Find more information about this section of ENGL 466 on the blog.



How long will it take before I receive comments about my draft?

We will try to have your journal article back within a week. Please email us at if you have any concerns with our response time. 

My journal article is ten pages long. Is that fine?

We ask all authors to shorten their articles down to two or three pages. Your article should serve as a summary of the longer piece you’ve written, or a summary of your presentation at the conference. 

Since my project is more technical in nature, should I go more for an informal, general idea of what I was doing and my experience? Or should I include more technical details?

It’s all about the balance. Our journal is meant to draw in a general audience of students, faculty, and community members from all majors and backgrounds, so the information should be accessible to a broad range of people. That being said, this is an academic journal, so some amount of technicality and detail is appreciated. Reach out to one of our editors if you have questions about writing for a general audience.

How do I make my article accessible to a general audience?

There are several ways in which an article can be geared towards a general audience. Check out our blog post about audience for help. 

Help! I need help with APA citations. What should I do?

Check out our Resources page! Note: the 2020 Issue will use the 6th edition of APA style.

What is the difference between an abstract and an article?

Check out our Guide to APA blog post or our Resources page! Note: the 2020 Issue will use the 6th edition of APA style. If you still have questions or concerns about APA style format, email the MiM Journal editors at

What are in-text citations?

In-text citations attribute the information included in your journal article to the sources listed on the references page. We use APA for our citation formatting. If you still have questions regarding how to use in-text citations, email us at



What does the Journal publish?

We publish summary articles written by the presenters at the Made in Millersville Conference. Any presenter at the conference, regardless of major or topic, is welcome to publish a summary of their presentation in the current issue.

Who can publish in the Made in Millersville Journal?

Millersville students of any discipline or major who present at the Made in Millersville conference are welcome and encouraged to publish with the Journal. We accept research based projects as well as creative commentaries on artistic presentations

Where can I get help from the Editors during the Publishing Process?

Throughout the publishing process, there will be workshops hosted by our editors to help you in McNairy 210. You may also reach out to us through email, at, or visit us during our office hours. Also feel free to check out the Journal’s blog.

Where can I find the publishing deadlines?

Check out the Calendar or the How to Publish page. There, you will find a list of deadlines for drafts that we encourage authors to follow as they move through the publishing process.

What kinds of creative works can I publish?

We allow any presenter at the Made in Millersville Conference to publish with the journal. Therefore, presenters can write a summary article about any type of creative work. Authors can write about poetry, art installations, graphic design projects, and more. We do not publish short stories or poems, but rather summary articles about the creative works presented at the Conference.

What do students need to do in order to publish with the Made in Millersville Journal?

Students need to check the box on the Made in Millersville Conference application that indicates their interest in publishing with the journal. From there, our Editorial Team will work with students over email and/or face-to-face to create a personalized, professional publishing experience. If you missed out on checking the box but still wish to publish, contact us at

What does the Made in Millersville Journal expect from authors?

We need four key pieces: a personal biography, a photograph, a signed Writer's Agreement, and a 2-3 page paper with APA style title page, abstract, citations, and references.


What if I want to publish in the Made in Millersville Journal, but my project is research-based and will not be completed until closer to the conference date?

Authors are welcome to publish summary articles about the research process. If you have questions about the content of your article, email us at and your editor will accommodate your circumstance as best as possible.


I want to publish my article in another undergraduate journal. Is that possible? 

Yes, you can publish in another undergraduate journal. The Made in Millersville Journal has a Creative Commons license, which means that the work is free to be distributed. Students are welcome to publish in other journals.


I lost my copy of the Writer’s Agreement. Where can I find another one?

You can obtain a copy of the Writer's Agreement by sending us an email at


What if I need a short extension on my journal article?

Email the Made in Millersville Journal at in a timely manner and explain your situation. We are open to extending deadlines for our authors.


Can I add photographs and audio to my journal article?

Yes, you can add photographs, audio and/or video to your journal article. In fact, we encourage multimedia additions to your article! Authors of creative commentaries are especially encouraged to send us photos of pieces for inclusion in the journal. 


After some consideration, I have decided to opt out of the Made in Millersville Journal. How should I go about removing myself from the publishing process?

Email the Made in Millersville Journal at We will make a note stating that you have decided not to publish in the Journal.


When will my article be published online?

We will send you a link to your article when it is published on the Made in Millersville Journal website. If you send us your final draft before the "Best Draft" deadline, your article will be published by the Made in Millersville Conference date. If you submit after this deadline, your article will be published before the end of the semester.

If I'm submitting to the journal as a group, do we need a group bio and picture? 

We ask all group members to send individual biographies and photographs up to groups of four. Groups of over four people are allowed to submit a group photo and bio if they wish. Ask an editor if you have any questions.

I'm submitting multiple projects to the journal. Do I need a different bio and photo for each?

Not necessarily! If you want a different bio that matches each project, feel free to write as many different bios as you have articles. 

I don't have a professional photograph. What should I do?

We can take your bio picture in the MiM Office. Send us an email to set up an appointment.