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Meet Rachel!

Hello! My name is Rachel Hicks and I am an editor for the Made in Millersville Journal as well as the Web Design Specialist Intern. This means I get to work with authors during both the editing and publishing processes; when authors send their photo, bio, and final drafts to Phoebe, I’m the person that puts the content on the website!

Because we are currently an online-only journal, our website is the main way people interact with our authors and their research/creative works. The traffic through our website comes from a wide variety of audiences, from authors and their friends and family, to Millersville community members, to potential employers. Our website design and layout needs to be accommodating and accessible to all people reading the journal, which is why I am charged with organizing usability testing on the site.

Besides my position at the journal, I work in the English Department as the Social Media Coordinator, and I also help out with marketing and event planning within the department. Right now, I am in the process of organizing the Demystifying Dyslexia Conference, an annual event that focuses on dyslexia advocacy. I also edit and write for the English Newsletter, a blog that features writing from students and professors about anything that falls under the wide umbrella that is the English major.

And, because I apparently need to be the busiest person alive, I am the Station Manager for Millersville’s radio station, WIXQ 91.7FM The Ville. I love working with the executive board and our DJs to build community within the club and throughout the Millersville Campus!

Aside from my myriad jobs and extracurriculars, I also find time to be a student! I am in my Junior year working towards a Writing Studies major with minors in History and Government & Political Affairs. After I graduate, I am planning on studying for a master’s degree in Public History so I can work in an archive or a museum. I’d love to someday combine my love for web design, writing, politics, and women’s history into a career that allows me to pay off my student debt and (maybe, don’t want to get too optimistic) own a house with a garden and lots of windows.

My passions include: squash plants, feminist dystopias, films that pass the Bechdel Test, my cat Poofy, cooking with heavy cream, and too-sweet coffee.

I can be found in the Made in Millersville Office on the second floor of McNairy Library Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings - come visit with any questions you have about the conference or journal!


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