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Meet Natalie!

Hello readers! My name is Natalie Brown and I am a senior here at Millersville majoring in English with a concentration in Writing Studies. During the past three years, I have enjoyed taking a surplus of English and Writing courses. This includes (voluntarily) taking all of the advanced writing courses such as Science Writing, Technical Writing, Business Writing, and Web Writing. I have always had a passion for reading and writing in classes and in my free time, which is what led me to choose my major. This interest is also what led me to pursue an internship with Made in Millersville.

As an intern, I am the Web Design Specialist. The responsibilities of my role include making any adjustments to the appearance of the Journal’s website to improve accessibility for anyone who may come across the website, including students, staff, and community members. Ensuring the website always looks its best is an important part of my role, because I ultimately will be publishing all student biographies and articles to the website for the 2024 issue. While I work on my Web Design role, I will also serve as an editor to assist and support students during the publication process.

In addition to my specialist role with the Journal, I also serve as the Made in Millersville Conference Liaison. With this role, I am responsible for being the bridge between the Made in Millersville Conference and Journal teams to promote and strengthen connections and collaboration. My role as the Liaison is vital for the development of Made in Millersville, because it is our hope to encourage more students to take part in the Made in Millersville Experience and participate in both the Conference and the Journal and experience the unique benefits of both. You can read about the benefits here on our blog!

I am so excited for this internship opportunity because after graduation, I hope to work in the editing and publishing field. My ultimate goal is to become a fiction editor for a large publishing house, but until then, I hope to gain experience working for smaller businesses and begin using the skills I have gained from my time at Millersville. Presenting and Publishing with Made in Millersville is a great experience for Millersville students because you will have the unique opportunity to gain professional communication skills that you can use in future careers as well!

Outside of academics, I enjoy spending time in nature and with my friends and family. I also enjoy going to the gym and traveling when I get the chance. I am also part of a Greek organization on campus called Alpha Sigma Alpha, where I get the chance to give back to the community and volunteer for national and local philanthropies each semester.

If you have any questions about my position or are interested in becoming an intern for Made in Millersville yourself in the near future, or have any questions about Made in Millersville and the publishing process, feel free to comment down below or send us an email at, and follow our socials linked down below!


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