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Meet Abi!

Hey! My name is Abi, and I am an editor on the intern team for the Made in Millersville Journal. More specifically, my role on the team is “Author Engagement Specialist”. What this means is that my job, apart from editing research, is to make sure the needs of authors are being met and help the journal grow in number of submissions published. Part of that is the creation of this blog. The content found here will be guided by the feedback from our authors to be as helpful to everyone’s writing process as possible (because we value our author’s research and want to publish their hard work).

In addition to being an intern for MiMJ, I am the music director for our campus radio station, WIXQ 91.7 The Ville, and upcoming president of George Street Press, the campus literary magazine. Both creative writing and music are passions for me. You may also see me skating on my longboard around campus or sitting in Saxby’s for my cold brew fill.

As of now, my plan is to attend Drexel University to earn my master’s and doctorate degrees in Communication, Culture, and Media Studies. I really enjoy analyzing gender and communication and would not only like to continue researching that topic but also eventually teaching my own classes about it as a professor. If possible while earning my degrees, I’d like to also gain some experience working with a publishing company or literary magazine in the Philadelphia area.

Apart from that, I would like to become a published novelist. I’m currently working on getting my first finished novel published while also working on getting the first draft of a second novel finished. I enjoy writing fantasy and realistic fiction with Sapphic undertones.

I applied to be an intern for MiMJ because I was looking for an opportunity to gain editing and publishing experience in preparation for finding a job with a publishing company. So far, I’m enjoying my experiences a lot. This has been much more immersive than I originally thought it would be. What I mean by this is that I’m learning all of the aspects that go into putting together an academic magazine. I’m also working in a newly created position, so I’m also creating a clearer mold so to speak for the intern that takes on this position in the following year. For students interested in the editing & publishing career (and/or find my role interesting) feel free to stop by the Made in Millersville office in the McNairy Library during my office hours to talk (TR 10-12).


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