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Join the Mimj Team!

Behind every company, organization, or social media curtain there should be a core of caring individuals. I believe behind the walls of Made in Millersville we have that chewy caramel center. We are involved in an exciting time as we lay the foundation to further the development of the MiM Conference and Journal. Our team has a mindset that encourages the preservation of academic resources. We do not only care about this year's work but the work that will be done far into the future. We want opportunities that are forged through MiM to stay open for students and team members. We hope to preserve opportunities for you, dear reader.

I will say It is fun to be behind a company curtain, while that idea may put off others. When the ethos held by you and your organization align, creative intuitions flow freely and are expressed in new ways. Although you are not seen directly, your personality is able to shine through your work. Working in a creative and collaborative environment helps your best ideas bubble to the surface through the team's support.

My name is Jack Wisniewski. One of five other editors and wonderful specialists. Aside from working as an editor of journal submissions, I am the Marketing and Outreach for this year's internship. Being trusted to represent the MiM Journal through various events and communication is a great way to learn skills through multiple mediums. We get to learn all sides of the digital editing and publishing field, something I wouldn’t learn without the internship. Working as an editor helps me harness writing skills in a field I enjoy, but I can bring my own experiences from what I learn in my coursework. I am a communications major with a broadcasting option. That is indicative of the opportunities MiM has for many different majors at Millersville. I hope you bring your unique and multidisciplinary talents to the Journal too!

Made in Millersville is an organization that promotes growth. Becoming involved with MiM refines your academic skills like writing and editing, but also sharpens intangible traits that are important for your future outside the classroom. From the interview process to representing MiM at public events, your communication muscles needed for professional work environments are being flexed. Being one piece of an interdependent system with your co-workers helps you to become organized and identify how moving parts fit. It also strengthens your dedication to meeting deadlines of those counting on you. These are transferable skills that will help you navigate your academics and future professional career.

Being involved with MiM Journal is a fulfilling experience. Not only do you grow, but so do those you aim to help. Imagine helping a student further their academics or career by showing them the benefits of professional publishing experience with the MiM Journal. That is a mission with an impact. A mission all of us here at the MiM Journal strive for. I encourage everyone to join future teams and to publish with us.

If you have questions, visit our website, or come see me at office hours in McNairy Library - 2nd floor Monday and Wednesday 12-2!

Check out our social media!

Twitter: @mimjournal

Instagram: @mim_journal


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