Welcome to the Journal

Where it began

The Made in Millersville Journal encompasses the research and creativity demonstrated at the annual Made in Millersville Conference. Since its start in 2014, MiM occurs every spring semester to provide students an opportunity to showcase their scholarly and creative work. 

Our mission

The Made in Millersville Journal captures diverse and vibrant student projects presented at the annual Made in Millersville Conference. It provides students with a unique learning opportunity as they share their research and creativity with a public audience through the publication process in a digital collection. 

Our Blog

The MiMJ blog serves to support current authors and students as an extension of the Journal to inform and educate various audiences on topics and aspects related to publishing in the Journal.

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Interested in Publishing?

Email us at madeinmujournal@millersville.edu, or check out our Contact page for more information regarding office hours and dropping us a line!