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5 Benefits of Publishing with MiMJ

The Made in Millersville Journal is a great opportunity for students to experience a small-scale version of the publishing process. While there are many reasons why students should publish, here are our five favorites: 1. Impress your future employer with a published, polished writing sample Depending on the job, your future employer might ask for a writing sample during the application process. After your MiMJ article goes through our publication process with multiple rounds of editing, you know the final product will be something you can be proud of. If you plan on applying to graduate school, it is very likely you will be asked for a writing sample in that application as well. Furthermore, a published article just looks great on a resume. 2. Improve your writing by collaborating with our Editorial Team During the editing process, our team of trained editors will give suggestions and recommendations to improve your draft. By working with these comments, you can find trends in your writing style that could be improved in future writing assignments. Furthermore, the more opportunities you take to write, the better your writing will become over time. 3. Use the journal article to market yourself and your interests Our team at the Made in Millersville Journal wants to celebrate the work of our students at every opportunity! This is why we make an effort to highlight featured authors on our website and our social media. The 2020 Issue will make it even easier to share your work on your personal Facebook or Twitter by including sharing links on every author page. Share your work on your LinkedIn page so people in your network can celebrate your hard work. Undergraduate publication opportunities are not very common, so we encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to distinguish themselves. 4. Consolidate your Made in Millersville conference presentation into an accessible summary for the general audience People from all around the Millersville community come to see our students’ research and creativity at the annual Made in Millersville Conference. This means that the audience is going to have a wide range of knowledge, specialties, and interests. As a presenter at the conference, you have to make your presentation interesting and accessible to everyone who visits. Our publishing process encourages students to start thinking about the needs of the general audience well before the conference day. By writing a summary for the journal, you will feel more confident on the day of the MiM Conference because you’ve already done the hard work. 5. Build critical communication skills by working with our Editorial Team Our editorial team communicates with authors in a wide variety of ways - through email, social media, the blog, the website, and more. Build your communication skills by working with the MiMJ Editorial Team both online and in-person, a valuable skill as more jobs are becoming digital dependent. These soft skills are very important to develop before applying for jobs. These are just a few reasons why you should definitely consider writing for the Made in Millersville Journal if you are presenting at the MiM Conference. If you have any questions about the process or benefits, email us at


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