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Who can publish in MiMJ?

Since the Made in Millersville Journal is indeed a journal, it might seem off-limits for people who do not have an academic article to submit. That is what journals consist of after all, right? Well when it comes to the MIMJ, the possibilities are endless! The Made in Millersville Journal was created with the ultimate goal of showcasing all of student research AND creative accomplishments shown by students presenting at the Made in Millersville conference. Theatrical performances, creative writing, art pieces, musical performances, creative writing- and so much more, are enthusiastically welcomed. Creative commentary is part of what makes the MiMJ unique. We want it to showcase ALL student accomplishments. The goal is to have the MiMJ be a multidisciplinary journal, and creative contributions are crucial for that goal to come to fruition! We also believe that it is important to ensure that creative endeavors remain an active part of the Millersville scholarly community. If you have a creative project you want to highlight in the MiMJ, your article for the MIMJ will be a 2-3 page summary and commentary of the project. This type of submission is very much valued at the MIMJ! Please take a look at the many published creative works in the archives! Check out the articles titled “Opposites Attract” by Rachel Chronister and Jess Sneddon, and “I Am Unique” by Lexi Ganas! They are both under the disciple of Art. ALL disciplines are welcomed at the MiMJ!


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