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2024 Publishing Timeline

By Kate Dougherty

Below we have included all relevant deadlines and events that you need to be aware of. Our Project Manager for Authors, Allison, will be in touch and reminding you of these dates along the way via email as well. In addition most of these dates will be advertised via Instagram @mim_journal, so be sure to follow us there. 

The submitted articles will go through two rounds of editing (by us) and revising (by you) prior to publication. We have planned multiple workshops to assist you through the process. If you are unable to attend, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to provide resources and assistance. Also keep an eye out here on the blog where we will share How-To guides and tips. 

Author Workshop: How to Write a Summary 2/29

Our skilled team of interns will be available to give you tips on writing your summary article. This event will be held in McNairy 117 from 1:30-3:00pm. Invites will be sent via email; please rsvp to help us plan accordingly.

First Draft Due: 3/10

Email your first draft to . Remember this is a 2-3 page summary of your research or creative project which you are presenting at the conference..

Photo Deadline: 3/20

Please email the photograph you would like to be published with your biography by this date. This should be a professional looking photo of you from the shoulders up with a plain background. If you don’t already have an appropriate photo, you may take one yourself using your phone. Feel free to look at previously published authors in our 2023 issue to get an idea of what we are looking for.

Author Workshop: APA Citations 3/21

We understand that sometimes citations can be a little tricky or confusing, especially when different writing styles require different formats. If you would like assistance with when, where, and how to properly cite your article, we’d love to help. Please watch for an email with more information regarding time and location of this event. 

Authors Receive Feedback: 3/22

By this time you will receive feedback from our editors on the first draft. Begin the process of making the recommended revisions and prepare to submit the second draft.

Second Draft Due: 3/28

Email revised articles to by this date. 

Authors Receive Feedback: 4/5

Editors will return the second round of edits to authors by this time so that they can make final revisions.

Made in Millersville Conference: 4/9

This is when you will give a presentation of your work to the Millersville community. This is an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in your hard work! Well done!

Submit Final Draft: 4/10

Email your final draft to Take a deep breath, you’re almost to the finish line!

Publication of the Made in Millersville Journal 2024 edition: 4/23

All submitted articles will be published online to be shared far and wide with friends, family, and employers. 

Also on 4/23: Celebrate with us! 

We will have cake and snacks and hand out raffle prizes. You won’t want to miss this!


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