THe Effect of Video Games on Kids

By Justin Stitz

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information and finding the right sources. Finding information for this topic was at times challenging so finding the right information was tough and made it even better when he was able to complete it.

Justin Stitz is a senior at Millersville University. He has a double major in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting. After graduation, he hopes to pursue his dreams and work in a radio station, news station, or work for a newspaper. Stitz wanted to pursue this topic because he has a strong interest in video games and wanted to see how they can impact himself and share that with the world. He also wanted to be able to share his findings in the hope to maybe get some information out there to others who also play video games. Some of the skills that he gathered from this project were learning new ways to find data and 

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Thank you to our advisor, Dr. Farkas, for all your support during this project. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Justin C. Stitz at

Keywords:  video games, violence, stress, anxiety, addiction, depression