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social work

the lifelong impacts of aces and toxic stress

By michaela williams

Michaela is currently in her junior year at Millersville University and plans to graduate in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in social work. After graduating, Michaela plans to go into the field of Medical Social Work and has a goal of completing a master’s degree in social work. Michaela is currently a volunteer for hospice and works part time as an in-home care aide with seniors. She pursued this project to increase her knowledge regarding the long-term effects of childhood trauma and toxic stress on the physical level, psychological level, and social level, as well as the implications of trauma and toxic stress on social work practice. Michaela worked with Dr. Granruth of the Social Work Department to complete this project and is thankful to have gained skills and knowledge to use in her future career path over the course of this project.


Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Michaela at this email address to start a conversation.

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