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the world of fantasy quest

By Veronica cristellon


Veronica Cristellon has an Associate's degree in Illustration from Palomar College (San Marcos, California). She will soon graduate from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She focuses on creating children’s books, specifically watercolor, printmaking, and digital cartoon illustrations, and she is very passionate about creating characters and fictional stories in colorful and imaginative settings. She started the Fantasy Quest series as a creative project for the Watercolor 2 class and was inspired by the class assignment to create a story for her character, Mia. In 2020, she published the children’s book “Leon Finding Cookies in Madagascar” and the following year, “Earth Needs Help”. In 2022, she released her third book called “Where are the Fairy's Socks?”. Most recently, she published “Nova and Sunny: A Ghost and Tiger Adventure Against Bullies” and is currently writing and illustrating the next book. All her books are available on Her plan after graduation is to be a children’s book author and illustrator, thanks to the skills acquired in the art and design classes at Millersville University. 


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