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Ubuntu Leaders Fellows Program: Addressing Global Challenges Through Community Projects

By Rasheed Osman, Carolina Hidalgo-Ahmed, Katherine McLaughlin, and Delanie Ouk

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Currently working as a Graduate Assistant within the School of Social Work, Rasheed Osman is the Peer - Mentor for the Ubuntu Leaders Fellows Program. He is a member of the Learning Institute Advisory Board. Rasheed aspires to become a Licensed Social Worker with an emergency management background and obtain his clinical license. To accomplish this, Rasheed Osman enrolled in dual master's degree programs at the Millersville University of Pennsylvania (Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM). 
His area of interest is researching best practices to support people with disabilities. Driven by the passion for helping people with disabilities and their families, Rasheed has completed internships with the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), Bell socialization services, and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP). He is also An ODP certified Support Broker. In addition, he worked as an educational support coach for the Integrated Studies at Millersville University. He is currently researching immigrants and refugees’ mental health.
He believes that his social work and emergency management competency would benefit vulnerable populations and first responders by providing needed support to meet their needs and building a resilient community.  Behind the scenes, he enjoys fishing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Carolina Hidalgo-Ahmed attends Millersville University as an undergraduate in the BSW program. Carolina is one of the two recipients of All-PA Academic Team Scholars 2021, representing Reading Area Community College, where she earned a degree in Social Work. Carolina takes part in the Ubuntu Fellowship at Millersville University, which focuses on 2 of the 17  UN Sustainable Development Goals. Carolina is currently working as Executive Director for Pecan The HONE Initiative, which focuses on Hand's-On Nutrition Education for children and families in Berks County. She is looking forward to continuing her education after earning a BSW from Millersville University by pursuing an MSW. Her research focuses on social policy, food security, and poverty reduction. Carolina enjoys hiking and tennis with her four-year-old daughter Amaara and husband, Syed.

Katherine McLaughlin is a first semester senior at Millersville University majoring in Speech Communications with a concentration in Digital Communication and Cultural Studies and minoring in Creative Writing and Publishing. She is publishing twice with the journal this year, once on her own and once with a group. She is passionate about writing and is excited to showcase her work. Katherine is also an intern for the Made in Millersville Journal, where she works as the Marketing and Outreach Specialist. In addition, Katherine works for Millersville Undergraduate Admissions as a tour guide and a communication center representative, is a fellow with the Ubuntu Leader Fellows Program (which is the group she is publishing with), and the president of Her Campus Millersville. 

Delanie Ouk is a junior at Millersville University studying Early Childhood Elementary Education. She has the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Ubuntu Fellowship at Millersville University. Delanie is focused on addressing goal four of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. During the spring semester of 2022, Delanie had the opportunity to gain field experience in an elementary school in partnership with The Speaking Out Collective in Lancaster. After her experience, she became passionate about critical literacy, the arts, and culturally relevant pedagogy. Delanie’s research focuses on the overlap between historically responsive literacy and the impact of The Speaking Out Collective. In her free time, Delanie enjoys painting, scrapbooking, reading poetry, and being out in nature with family and friends. 

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