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The Warm Embrace of an Aural Cocoon: How LoFi Music Affects the Distractibility of College Students

By tucker Uebersax

IMG_0310 (1).jpeg

Tucker Uebersax is a sophomore Music Education major and Flute Performance major. Beginning in the Spring of 2021, Tucker has been studying how Low-Fidelity (LoFi) music impacts students. More specifically, Tucker researched how LoFi music can be used to prevent distractions from impacting the performance of students. Because of Tucker’s own study habits, he was curious if listening to LoFi music was purely a placebo effect for focusing better. Through the music section of the McNairy Library Research Fellows, Tucker designed an experimental study that measured this impact.  In the future and after graduation, Tucker plans to teach middle school band students and perform in local bands and musical theatre organizations.

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