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The Politics of Horror

by Luis Nieves

The horror genre is home to very opinionated directors and writers with their ideologies often leaking into their work. For the most part, horror films and television shows tend to be liberal in terms of characters and social commentary, but the majority of the slasher sub-genre’s clichés and conventions mimic extremely conservative narratives. This dilemma highlights the internal conflict within the genre as it continues to focus on retaining its liberal audience by making highly-aware films that try to avoid any conservative pitfalls.

About the Author

Luis J. Nieves was born in Puerto Rico to his loving parents, Luis and Johanna. Relocating from the Caribbean, he spent the majority of his childhood in the tiny suburbs of New Jersey where he attended public school. Eventually, his father’s job caused Luis to move to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he attended Conestoga Valley High School. Currently, he is studying secondary English education at Millersville University. He strongly believes in the power and importance of our nation’s public education system and is looking forward to being a part of it from a different angle.

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