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Getting musical on a Friday night: The effects of Friday Night Funkin’ on undergraduate students’ musical phrasing ability

By tehya walters

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Tehya Walters is a sophomore Music Education and Music Performance major with a concentration in flute. She is a member of the McNairy Library Music Research Fellows program. Tehya grew up playing music video games, and she was curious if regularly playing these games could affect the musical abilities of amateur musicians. She was also interested in the effects playing recently published music video games had on musicians, along with the unique visual aspect present in the video game Friday Night Funkin’ that shows the call and response structure of the game’s music. Consequently, she designed an experimental study to see if playing Friday Night Funkin’ could increase musically amateur undergraduate students’ musical phrasing ability, which is an important aspect of musicianship. After graduation, Tehya hopes to become a band director and to continue researching the impact of video games on music education.

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