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Teaching in Tanzania 

by Cassandra Werth


“During the five-week winter break between the fall and spring semesters (from December 2015 to January 2016), I had the opportunity to travel to Africa to teach mathematics and English as a foreign language. I spent nearly four weeks living in a remote village in Tanzania teaching elementary school and helping the community with building cleanup and planting, since I was there during the main planting season of the year. I arrived in Tanzania with no knowledge of the local language (Swahili) and little knowledge of the culture. I was welcomed into the small village of Pommern …”

About the Author

At Made in Millersville 2016, Cassie presented about her experience as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania, Africa. She made the decision to present at Made in Millersville because that is how she discovered the organization with which she went to Africa. A 2015 graduate presented a project about teaching as a volunteer in India, and that is what motivated Cassie to go to Africa. She can only hope that she could be as inspiring to someone who saw her presentation as the previous student was to her. She is particularly passionate about volunteering and helping others. Cassie has always enjoyed doing community service, and this was the ultimate form of community service for her. Now a 2016 alumna of Millersville, Cassie is currently working at Great Valley High School in Malvern, PA, and thinks about her experience in Tanzania nearly every day. She enjoys sharing it with her students in hopes of giving them some perspective on their own lives. Cassie had such a positive and enjoyable experience in Africa and in presenting about her time there that she applied to the Peace Corps. She will know by March what her placement could be. Whether or not she joins the Peace Corps, Cassie knows that she will always carry her month-long Tanzanian experience with her in the form of excellent memories and a great story to tell.

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