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Studies en Route to Altersolanol Derivatives

by Brandon Frey


Abstract: After the discovery and elucidation of the naturally occurring compound from the altersolanol family, altersolanol P (AP) has become the focus in our laboratory. With biological activity against gram-positive bacterium, it proves to have a serious benefit in comprising an effective and efficient synthesis. With the completion of a Lewis Acid-mediated Diels Alder cycloaddition, a synthetic intermediate containing the complete carbon framework of AP was synthesized scale (in 80% yield and 8:1 regioselectivity). Following the work from my predecessors, I plan to syn-dihydroxilate and oxidize the cycloadduct intermediate to form an AP derivative.

About the Author

Through Brandon’s education at Millersville University, he has shown potential as an organic chemist. He has excelled in Organic chemistry I and II, as well as Advanced Organic chemistry. Brandon has conducted research for two semesters following his predecessors on the total synthesis of Altersolanol P, and he has proved their work effective. Brandon recently presented his research, submitted and received grants to further his work and created a reasonable and achievable goal.With career goals in mind and his passion for organic chemistry, Brandon Frey quickly searched for a research advisor. Dr. Steven Kennedy was kind enough to let him join the research group towards the synthesis of altersolanol P. Brandon has always been fond of chemistry and swore he found his favorite field after completing organic. Altersolanol P has been the target compound for Dr. Steven Kennedy’s lab for multiple semesters and Brandon’s goal is to accomplish an effective syn-dihydroxilation study to produce the desired intermediate with adequate yields. With his research project, Brandon hoped he would learn new aspects to research and be able network himself for the process of applying to graduate school. He has also had the opportunity to present at the national ACS conference, write and receive grants and conduct a paid summer research position focusing on metal organic frameworks. Brandon believes all of these would not have been possible without this research opportunity. After he receives his bachelors from Millersville University, Brandon strives to apply and attend a graduate school focusing on natural organic synthesis. Brandon cannot stress enough that the lessons he learned and the experiences he has gained from his research are invaluable in achieving his endeavors.

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