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Strategic Bombing: The Underrated Total War Action

by Rachel Mann


Strategic bombing played an important role in the European theater and contributed greatly to the war effort. The Allies, specifically the United States Army Air Force and the British Royal Air Force, used strategic bombing effectively. The British had different means of strategic bombing and used their resources differently compared to their American counterpart. The British went for a larger picture method of strategic bombing meaning they wanted to destroy the enemy countryside and have lasting destruction. The RAF followed a different path of targeting while the Americans went with a more traditional way of bombing by going for associated war industries and destroying physical structures. Both organizations used strategic bombing to to secure victory. Each force had the common goal of defeating Nazi Germany and worked together to accomplish this goal, but utilized strategic bombing in different ways to secure victory and reach their common objective.

About the Author

Rachel is a Secondary Education Social Studies major and a junior at Millersville. Rachel wrote “Strategic Bombing: An Underrated Total War Action” for her senior seminar class to express her knowledge gathered here at Millersville. This paper discusses air warfare in the European theatre during World War Two, a subject Rachel is very passionate about and wanted to research and contribute to the study of air warfare and strategic bombing. Air warfare has always fascinated Rachel and from continuous reading on the topic, she chose to examine the two great Air Forces of World War II, The British Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Force, and their utilization of strategic bombing. Rachel is an active member in the Millersville Chapter of the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies and is also involved with the history honors society Phi Alpha Theta.

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