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Spoken Word

by Alexandra Jean-Paul

“As a spoken word artist, I take pride in defining my work as unapologetic. As a young Haitian-American female, there are many barriers automatically set against my character; however, my poetry speaks for more than just race or feminism. My poetry brings to surface the conversations that many shy away from or heavily avoid due to political correctness.”

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About the Author

Alexandra is sociology and criminology major at Millersville University who is speaking her mind and not apologizing for it. After moving from Brooklyn, New York to a small Pennsylvania town, Alexandra worked through her culture shock using poetry and developing her unapologetic style with learning the adapt and rebel to the small town culture. She focuses on stereotypes that weigh heavily on African American communities to illuminate the injustice of oppression and show that individuals are more than a stereotype. Her spoken word is both extremely relevant in light of the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement and atrocities done against African American communities. In her future projects, Alexandra looks to continue inspiring others with her voice to bring truth forward and not apologizing for it.

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