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Meet mary, hannah, and emily


My name is Mary Parrinello, I am a sophomore here at Millersville. I am studying Spanish and International studies. I am also a part of the cheerleading team and a Resident Assistant at Millersville. “Sorry, English only!” will show people the importance of learning new languages and how it affects the community as a whole. There are many stereotypes that relate to different cultures that this project will challenge. I have grown up around languages my whole life, and therefore have experienced how languages open doors to new opportunities and continue to be a great skill to acquire. I have been studying Spanish since I was six and it has helped me drastically in my life thus far. I plan to use my knowledge of Spanish for the rest of my life.


Hannah Yonker is a junior Spanish Education major at Millersville University. She is passionate about the Spanish language and one day plans to influence young minds to learn the language. She wrote the article “‘Sorry, English only!’ a Proposition to Promote Spanish-language learning” with the intention of showcasing the tangible benefits of learning a second language.


My name is Emily Bland and I am majoring in Spanish Education. I am a sophomore at Millersville. Additionally, outside of academics, I participate in Cross Country, Track and Field, Spanish and German club and work as Spanish tutor. I wrote “Sorry, English only!”, along with my peers, in the hopes of promoting foreign languages, especially Spanish, as well as express my passion for the subject. Living in a society with thousands of languages, it is my intent to communicate with as many individuals as I can without submitting to the idea that I should constantly expect others to understand English. Although Spanish Education possibly seems like a limited career and straightforward, I want to ensure and express the benefits that come with learning an additional language and the opportunities that will come about in the future. Taking time to learn other forms of semantic communication brings individuals together and eliminates barriers.

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