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business administration

Fighting Game Diversity

By shaun lucas

Shaun L. Headshot (1).jpg

Shaun Lucas is a senior business administration major with a concentration in marketing, also studying a minor program in print journalism. In terms of professional and extracurricular experience, Shaun has been involved with the Snapper since arriving at MU in Fall 2019. Throughout these last four years, Shaun has worked as a staff writer, Associate News Editor, Associate Opinion Editor, Opinion Editor, and currently as Editor-in-Chief, beginning the core leadership role of the publication in Fall 2021. In Summer 2022, Shaun acted as an editorial intern for lifestyle publication Susquehanna Style, writing pieces about local events and locations. Shaun is the president of the “Super Smash Club at Millersville University,” hosting weekly tournaments for the Super Smash Brothers game series for students and the public in the Student Memorial Center. Shaun’s passion for eSports, particularly Smash Bros. and other fighting video games, led him to an in depth study on the diversity within the fighting game genre.The presentation and article “World Warriors: Fighting Game Diversity,”  as well as its accompanying set of graphs and expansive spreadsheet, display the diversity within the characters of modern popular fighting video games, such as Street Fighter V. Taking into account the characters’ races, genders, and ethnicities, this project applies media studies and research into fictional characters, seeing if groups are properly represented within niche media subsections. 

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