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occupational safety


By emily rae seiler

Emily Rae Seiler is a senior Occupational Safety and Environmental Health major and the Vice President of the American Society of Safety Professionals student section at Millersville University. Upcoming campus renovations inspired her to conduct research about walkability, and by collaborating with the ASSP student section, she hopes that the research will continue as the Millersville campus continues to evolve.

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& noah zollner

Noah Zollner is a junior Occupational Safety & Environmental Health major. He is the secretary of the Millersville University chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals. He plans on graduating and joining the workforce as a safety professional, endeavoring to move up to a senior management position. He was compelled to conduct this research project due to its potential to effect on campus in a positive manner.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Emily at this email address to start a conversation.

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