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Claude cahun and the queer experience in photography

By Sarah del toro

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Sarah Del Toro is currently a junior majoring in Interactive and Graphic Design and minoring in Creative Writing and Publication. Her interest in art and creative writing stems from how audiences can interpret and analyze the self-expression and communication within those creative works. Some of her preferred themes to explore in both her work and other artists' include commonly stigmatized topics like mental illness and queer identities. Sarah studied Claude Cahun, a queer lesbian artist well-known for her thought-provoking photography, writing, performances, and other creative works. Sarah visually analyzed Cahun’s photographs made in collaboration with her lesbian lover Marcel Moore. In addition, she examined Cahun’s background and the historical context to understand what art movements, personal identity, and philosophies influenced her pieces. Then she researched how Cahun explored her experience of gender identity and lesbian sexuality in her work. Sarah gained a new perspective on LGBT expression in art and how it can be used to challenge social norms. Through her art and storytelling, Sarah hopes to follow in Cahun’s footsteps and change people’s view of the world by shedding light on stigmatized topics.

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