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Interning with lcrc

By samuel mackey

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My name is Samuel Mackey and I am a senior sociology major with a minor in psychology. What drove me to do this project is that my professor believed that this would be something that I would be interested in undertaking. The position that I was given was the CAP Re-entry Data Collection and Analyst Intern. I felt that throughout the project, I favored the advocacy aspect of the internship. I found myself constantly wanting to help the people that I was introduced to during the internship. What I achieved was a better understanding of how organizations function. I was also able to help improve a resource directory for re-entry services. My plan after I graduate is to find a position working in public policy. There are some internships that I will apply for that can aid in accomplishing this goal. I also plan on attending grad school for an MPP. I do believe that the skills that I’ve acquired will more be than useful in future.

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