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earth, environmental, & ocean sciences

Preliminary Findings: Physiological Effects of Ocean Acidification on Two Species of Intertidal Snails

By samantha reynolds

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I am a sophomore majoring in EEOS with a concentration in Ocean Science and I will be graduating in May 2025. In my freshman year seminar class, we were required to write a research paper on any topic pertaining to climate change. I decided to write mine on ocean acidification, which has the potential to cause severe damage to ecosystems. I took a required summer course at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station that summer and decided to study the effects of ocean acidification on two snail species native to that area. I was then accepted into the McNairy Library Research Fellowship program where I formed my research question. By working on this project, I learned how to set up an experiment, find my own methodology, apply for grants, and I improved my communication skills. After graduation I plan to go to graduate school to get my master’s degree and work in the environmental chemistry field studying aquatic health.

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