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Roseanna is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at Millersville University and she will graduate with her Master’s in May 2019. She earned her bachelor of science degree in Psychology from Lock Haven University in 2016. Roseanna found her passion in scientific research and the study of human behavior, the mind, and social interactions. Upon beginning her graduate career, Roseanna decided to complete a master’s level thesis studying the perception of women. She began this project based on experiences and observations of how women are perceived and treated differently based on gender stereotypes. Her thesis, Are Women Allowed to be Proud? The Implications Proud Women Face, examines implicit biases people hold regarding women and emotionality. In completing this project, Roseanna hoped to shed light on the inherent preconceptions people have about women and the display of emotions, and how these unspoken biases contribute to gender stereotypes and discriminatory behavior. Roseanna has met her goals with this project as she has had the honor to present her findings at the annual Eastern Psychological Association Conference. Roseanna plans to use the skills and content acquired while completing this project on subsequent endeavors as she is already working on furthering this research project as well as beginning other related research studies. In looking at the future, Roseanna is planning on earning her PhD in the field, with interests in Social, Clinical, and Experimental Psychology. She plans to continue to pursue various research interests, and hopes to one day work in academia.

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