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multidisciplinary studies

Increasing Critical Thinking in Early Childhood Settings with Meaning and Sustainability

By rose lodolce


Rose LoDolce is a senior here at Millersville University. She is a multi-disciplinary studies major with an educational concentration. Rose holds an associates of early childhood education from Lackawanna College and has been heavily studying early education coursework at Millersville for the past two years. She plans on going out into the world to teach young learners. Within the past year, Rose has thought much about her plans post-graduation which has pushed her to look inward at what she deems valuable for herself and others alike. She has been led towards finding out about creating meaningful teaching strategies that create sustainable outcomes. She is interested in learning about how anyone, teacher, and non-teacher, can help mold young people into thinking deeper, more critically, and more confidently about issues and answers. She believes instilling these types of skills in people at a young and impressionable age gives way to a more thoughtful future.  

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