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Meet Renee

Renee Vance

The artwork that I create is an exploration of character that puts focus on the outer beauty, which then reflects the inner personality of the illustrations I render. Many are sketched very gesturally at first, and then later become digitally rendered in Adobe Illustrator to give them a beautiful digital visage. 

My goal as an artist is to create beautifully illustrated character designs that represent a ‘person’ with a believable personality. Through these characters I hope to inspire others and promote body positivity and self-worth. I strive to make these characters natural, colorful, confident and modern. I want my characters to be cute and fun cartoon designs. 

I work with vibrant and fantasy colors as well as contemporary and current fashion trends to bring to life these visualizations. My interest in cosmetology and pop culture gives me a direction to work with and inspires my digital designs. I am inspired by people I see wherever I am, clothes or fashion items I see online or in stores, and different kinds of animals. 

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