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I am a senior BSE in Art Education major with a primary focus in ceramics. Upon graduating, I hope to acquire a teaching position in either an elementary or high school art classroom along with running a small ceramics business on the side. I believe that my knowledge in ceramics, and three-dimensional art in general, would be beneficial in a high school ceramics or sculpture class. However, my passion for inspiring young artists directs me to an elementary school. My hope is that by educating students at a young age about the wonders of art, they grow up and continue their artistic endeavors.

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I am a senior dual major student pursuing a BFA in Ceramics and a BSE in Art Education along with a minor in psychology. Upon graduating, I plan on becoming a high school ceramics teacher with a ceramics studio on the side. In both the high school setting and the studio setting, my ultimate goal is to encourage kids to use ceramics as a creative outlet. I think it’s important from a young age into adulthood to have a creative outlet for when life becomes stressful.

Creative outlets are a healthy way to cope and manage stressful and anxious times within your own life.

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