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My name is Rachel Heckman and I am a speech communications major with a concentration in communication studies and a minor in psychology. I am a senior at Millersville University and I began this project as a result of a research paper that I wrote in COMM 301. I really enjoyed and still enjoy  researching various topics regarding nonverbal communication. Taking my parents divorce into consideration, I wondered if nonverbal communication, such as body language and other signals, play a role in the longevity of romantic relationships. As a person aspiring to be a pastor, I wanted to do this research to better educate myself for my future parishioners. Through this research, I wanted to achieve my goal of finding just how much negative nonverbals impact a relationship. I reached the conclusion that nonverbals can impact the relationship as many couples depend on facial expressions and voice inflections to indicate if their partner is angry, upset, or happy during a conversation. In the future, I would like to do a longitudinal study with a couple decades in between. This will hopefully give me the results I desire to see if nonverbals impact the longevity of the relationship. I will use this content to help guide the couples I will be interacting with in marriage counseling. In addition, I will use these skills to help guide my own future relationships, romantic and unromantic. 

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