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Purification of Horseradish Peroxidase for Biochemistry Lab

by Ntajneeb Lo


Abstract: The broad purpose of this project is to develop a reproducible ordered sequence of protein purification steps in order to isolate the peroxidase enzyme from a horseradish root. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) has important clinical and industrial applications including: waste water treatment, reagent for organic synthesis, immunoassays, and diagnostic kits. Prior work shows the protein can be isolated from horseradish root and remain active over time. This project continued work towards developing a sequence of protein purification steps for use as an undergraduate biochemistry lab experiment. The main goal is to introduce students to various types of chromatography and other purification techniques by isolating active peroxidase enzyme from fresh horseradish root.

About the Author

Ntajneeb Lo is also known as Don by his peers and professors. He is senior bio-chemistry student at Millersville University and is currently doing research under Dr. Aimee L. Miller. His current project is Horseradish peroxidase for a biochemistry lab. Ntajneeb currently works at K&L Plating as a lab tech. At K&L, Ntajneeb has improved his lab techniques and data record keeping skills due to daily testing using wet chemistry. His research will be presented at his senior seminar, at Made in Millersville, and the American Chemical Society National Conference in San Francisco. He plans to graduate in May 2017 and hopes to find work soon after college. He wishes to continue his education in the near future, hopefully getting into a great graduate program. Until then, Ntajneeb plans to find employment in the chemistry field, while applying for graduate school.

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