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Publishing Process with the MiMJ

Publishing with the Made in Millersville Journal only requires a few steps, results in great benefits, and serves as a supplement to any résumé, potential graduate application, or personal portfolio. Below is everything about the publishing process, from each step to the rewards you will receive along the way!

Step 1: Submission Process

During the submission process, you will need to fill out the writer’s agreement, send an author biography, and a headshot to accompany your article by February 25th. Once you have completed this step, you will be rewarded with a Made in Millersville sticker. If you complete Step 1 by the deadline, you will receive +1 raffle entry for a chance to win the big end-of-publication prize, a HomePod Mini. All prizes will be mailed to you at the end of the publishing process.

Step 2: First Draft

The first draft of your article, a conference presentation summary, is due March 4th. This paper only has to be 1000 words maximum, 2-3 pages double spaced. No need to fear – you will be allowed to re-submit after your assigned editorial team member makes edits, which will be sent back to you by March 13th at the latest. If you complete this step, you will receive fun dip, and if you complete it by the deadline, you will receive +2 entries into the raffle for the HomePod Mini!

Step 3: Second Draft

After editing your first draft, the second draft of your summary is due March 21st, which will be returned to you with a second round of edits by March 26th at the latest. By submitting Step 3, you will receive a customized MiMJ magnet, and if you submit by the deadline, you will receive an additional entry into the raffle for the HomePod Mini.

Step 4: Third Draft

For the last round of edits, your third and best draft of the conference presentation summary will be due April 3rd. This deadline is crucial to meet to guarantee publication into the MiMJ by Conference day, though we will continue to publish final articles until May 1st. Completing this step by the deadline will earn you +2 entries into the raffle for the HomePod Mini.

Step 5: Share Your Work

All of your hard work pays off now! On April 13th, you will present at the Made in Millersville Conference, and your article will be on the Made in Millersville Journal website! Again, all prizes will be sent to you shortly after April 13th.

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Breaking down the steps of publication with the MiMJ in a blog post is a very good idea. Not only will this help any students who wish to submit papers here, but it also serves as a good learning experience for any post-college publications. I'll have to send this to my more academically minded friends.

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