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Making Time to Write

In another post, I covered some of the benefits of taking on the extra task of publishing during the semester. For some of you, your days may get pretty crazy. Or maybe you struggle with keeping balance. Either way, there will be deadlines that we need our authors to meet with very little room for extensions.

As someone who enjoys creative writing, I’ve found ways to incorporate writing in my daily schedule so I’m able to continue making progress--even on the days when writer's block hits hard. While your submission may not be a creative piece, working on your submission in increments each day may help you keep from last-minute stress.

What do I mean by this?

To exemplify, I like to get up a little earlier each morning to get a cold brew from Saxby’s and work on writing projects. By doing this, I’m able to create a routine that fits into my schedule to get some writing done each day. If you’re not a morning person then you could easily do this in the PM instead. The important part of this is going somewhere that works for you to concentrate on your work that’s also easily accessible.

It may also be helpful to work with a pal that is either also submitting to our journal or working on something related to your submission. Having someone to bounce ideas off of may help you get in a writing flow or help you work out the sentences that sound awkward.

Another way to effectively set aside time for writing is to make an appointment at the Millersville University Writing Center a day or two before the deadline to send your draft back to our editing team. This will give you a deadline to get some writing completed and a chance to work with someone if you’re having any trouble.

What’s important is that no matter what your writing process is and how you manage your time, you communicate with us if you’re having any trouble meeting deadlines so that we can work with you to help you prepare your submission.

Our team will also be hosting workshops throughout the semester that we invite you to attend to help work on drafting your submission. Of course, if you are unable to attend, all of the content will be posted here on the blog. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to help us out and provide useful feedback, click here


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