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Four Reasons Why Writing Everyday Can Help You

“Write everyday even if it is just a paragraph”, Michael Connelly. Writing everyday, whether it is a journal entry, writing poetry, or even writing for a school assignment can help you so much. There are so many hidden benefits for your mind that writing everyday can have. If you leave yourself a little bit of time, ten or even thirty minutes, it could potentially help multiple aspects of your life.

1. Mental benefits- By clearing some time to write daily, it will start to help clear your mind. I'm sure many of us have experienced the wave of anxiety that school stress causes; whether it is from an overloaded work week, or too many exams in your near future. From journal writing to finishing a paper that has been on your to-do list, making the time to sit and write, whatever the topic may be, will benefit you. In addition, if you plan to cut out that time to write for certain jobs or classes, it will train your mind on that time you write, you will become efficient in that allotted timeframe.

2. Writer’s block cure- Further, continuous writing helps the writer's block that most people experience when attempting to sit and write. By free-writing every day, you can help improve your word count when you try to write. Although the blank, white screen or paper sitting in front of you asking what you want to write can seem intimidating, setting specific times to write can help cure it over time. Putting aside a certain block of time, even if it is just ten minutes, could help focus your mind on the assignment at hand and help complete it faster. Then in the future, when the next assignment comes, your mind is prepared to sit, focus, and type.

3. Vocabulary improvement- In addition to healing your writer's block, writing everyday can help increase and improve your vocabulary. Any form of writing can help vocabulary grow overtime, from journaling to school assignments. If you're writing a paper for an assignment, it usually requires a little bit of research, and this allows you to read others’ papers and research articles and take in the new information and jargon that comes along with it.

4. Creates better habits- Lastly, as accumulated from all the points above, writing everyday helps you create better habits. Putting time aside to write everyday helps create better organization and writing tendencies. In addition, by putting aside time to do assignments it will help you stress less about assignments that need to be completed, rather than have the last minute panic most of us have when we forget about an assignment that we love to push to the last minute, even if we don’t like to admit it. When you set aside the time to sit and write, you’re training your mind that when you sit down to write, you sit down and stay focused for that allotted time. All of these ideas combined create lifestyle habits that help shape useful writing patterns and a positive mindset.

So with all of this, what do you think will be the most beneficial aspect of writing everyday for you? Do you think that before next semester you will be able to implement writing into your everyday schedule?


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