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Crafting Your First Draft

Now that you've successfully submitted your writer agreement, a professional picture, and biography, you're probably wondering what needs to be turned in for the first draft deadline (March 5th).

The first item we're looking for is an abstract for your project. Abstracts should be 100-200 words and cover the main points of your project. You’re more than welcome to send us the abstract you’ve already written for the Made in Millersville application. If you need to write a new one, however, the following should be included when you're writing your abstract:

  • The main purpose of your project/research

  • The thesis statement or main argument of your project

  • For research, the method used to collect data or evidence found

  • Major conclusions or trends found in your research

  • The “so what” of your research

Alongside the abstract, we're looking for the first draft of your submission to the Made in Millersville Journal. Here's how we want your draft to be formatted:

  • Word document

  • APA Style for references and in-text citations

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins

  • 2-3 pages excluding references, pictures, and data

  • Title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, references

  • Lab findings and data, methods used, results/findings, creative process, etc.

If you already have your project written out, you don't need to worry about writing out a whole new paper for the first draft. For example, if you have a full thesis already written, you can send in that thesis as your first draft and we'll return that with suggestions on how to edit your thesis to fit our guidelines.

But if you haven't written anything for your project yet, you can start by taking your abstract and go into more detail. Remember this is a summary of your Made in Millersville project. And if it's too short (don't stress too much about it right now), we'll give you suggestions on where to expand. Additionally, you may currently be in the process of working on your project for your class. This first draft that we’re asking for can also function as the first draft for your paper. Think of your first draft as an in-depth outline.

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