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Check Out The 2021 Issue

The 2021 issue of the Made in Millersville Journal is now published! You can check it out on our website here at; In the menu just click issues, and then click the 2021 issue! There are many different categories of publications to view, varying from topics like applied engineering and biology to English and sociology.

I just wanted to thank Professor Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Dr. Kerrie Farkas, as well as the other interns who make up the Made in Millersville Journal team, Leah Freeman, Rachel Hicks, Haley Schott, and Macy Souders, for your continued support, guidance, and non-stop effort through every step of this process. In addition, I wanted to thank all of the students in the English 317 course who helped edit these amazing papers. Lastly, I wanted to thank every author for all of their hard work throughout the entirety of the publishing process.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the Made in Millersville conference team for running the Made in Millersville conference day so well, and for creating an amazing opportunity for the students and the journal.

So with that, go check out what all of these awesome authors worked so hard on!

-Sarah Solomon, Author Support Specialist


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