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Playing-Related Injuries Among Pianists and What to Do About It

by Tyler Smith


Through the use of oral history, pianists, both professional and student, recount their experiences and personal stories of how they became injured playing the piano and the course of action they took to resolve the injuries. The research begins with a discussion on the prevalence of injuries among pianists and various types of injuries as seen in current literature. The narrators then discuss how their approach to the piano has changed through their experiences, the difficulties and challenges they faced, as well as advice for pianists who may be experiencing pain or injuries.

About the Author

Tyler Smith is a sophomore Music Education and Piano Performance major at Millersville University. He became a Music Research Fellow during the spring semester of his freshman year where he began to work on his research project. Through the Research Fellows Program, Tyler has learned how to conduct research and develop communities of practice. He has been working closely with a subject librarian at McNairy Library to complete his project. Personal experience of playing-related injury has engaged his interest in this topic and a desire to make a contribution to the field. He is involved with many professional music organizations including a position on the executive board of the student chapter of the American Choral Directors Association.

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