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freshman experience: developing a growth mindset

By peyton dever

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My name is Peyton Dever, currently a freshman at Millersville University in the Exploratory Program. My
home State is New Jersey where I attended Egg Harbor Township High School. I am currently undecided,
as I prepare to declare psychology for a major. I have had the desire and the vision to assist people with
their emotional and mental health and that is why I would like to declare psychology for my major. I also
will be declaring Art to achieve my goals as an Art Therapist. My hobbies include drawing, spending time
with friends and family, and following any adventure the world has to offer. 

As a new student here at Millersville I became intrigued with the different ways to transition and adapt to a new environment in a way to achieve success academically and socially. In the process, I noticed that there were other students who were struggling just like I was. Through talking and attending a number of sessions, it occurred to me that the help every student needs is within themselves. That help is the growth mindset and academic resilience and focus that everyone should be exposed to, and I am so passionate about conveying the importance of adapting this mentality because of the widespread impact it can have on my peers. My hope for this project is to express to my greatest ability about how important it is to adapt a mindset that sets you up for academic success as a new college student and inform others of how it generates confidence as well as a pathway to success. After I graduate from Millersville University, I plan on obtaining my master’s degree in Art Therapy to pursue my passion for helping people through a different approach. The skills acquired from this project will follow me through every aspect of my academic journey and life and will help me pursue my goals.

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