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The Portfolio Process

By Brian Markley

Markley photo.jpeg

Brian Markley is a senior here at Millersville. He is an English major with a Journalism minor. Markley worked on a digital portfolio for a class and wanted to share the process that goes into creating the portfolio. Picking the best works for the digital portfolio is something that was more difficult than he initially imagined, so going through past pieces and picking the best that represent me was a process. However, the digital portfolio was also very rewarding. Crafting something that represents you and all of the work you have done and compiling it all into one place was something that he didn’t think he would enjoy so much. Markley plans to use his digital portfolio as an asset to show off himself and his skillset to future employers, and he looks forward to continuing to add and alter the ever-growing and changing digital portfolio.

Author's Note: 

Thank you Dr. Farkas for guiding me through this rewarding process.

Keywords: Portfolio, Content, Audience

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