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Business Administration

A Study of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) in Social Media Influencer Marketing

By Lydia Shaloka

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Lydia Shaloka is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. She is in her senior year at Millersville University and conducted this research for her Honors College thesis. Lydia received funding for incentives from the Lombardo College of Business during the Fall 2020 semester and used it to encourage students to participate in her research. Her research examines students' awareness of and opinions towards Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) influencers compared to human influencers. Research on CGI influencers is limited, so Lydia is looking forward to sharing her findings with the Millersville University community and marketing professionals.

Author's Note:

We have no known conflict of interest to disclose. 

Thank you to my advisor, Dr. Hutto, for all your support during this project.

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Lydia M. Shaloka at

Keywords:   CGI influencer, human influencer, influencer marketing

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