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Exploring Home

By Tara Murdock

Murdock photo.jpeg

Tara is from Downingtown, PA. She is currently a junior studying art education and fine arts with a concentration in ceramics. Upon graduating, she plans to pursue teaching while producing her artwork on her own time. As a kid, she always had an interest in multiple mediums of art but pursued ceramics in high school. Taking class at Millersville provided her with an opportunity to further explore other mediums like watercolor. She was driven to create this project that reflects places very special to her. She grew up traveling to Vermont and had always wanted to depict places that hold meaning to her. Watercolor allowed her to 

 pursue this idea she’d always had. She hopes these paintings encourage people to appreciate the beauty that nature holds. She’s constantly in awe that something so obvious can bring someone happiness.

Author's Note: 

I created this body of work through the exploration of watercolor and with a desire to depict scenery personally to me. I really enjoyed experimenting with the materials during the process. I also learned so much about watercolor and my style while painting. I hope this series encourages the viewer to take a step back to appreciate the beauty of nature. Thank you for taking the time to view my work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email at

Keywords:  medium, scenery, explore

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