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African American Identity: An Examination of Genealogy, Genetics, and Race

By Niema Abdullah

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discovery and research Niema was able to conclude that African American identity is a complex mental, personal, geological, genetic, and historical topic; one that cannot be discussed within one paper alone, but she hopes she did the topic justice. Niema is very passionate about curriculum, diversity/inclusion and equity, in education. Her mission is to make sure that every young learner reaches their greatest potential through education that reflects and impacts their life for the better. Niema will be graduating in Spring 2022.

Niema Abdullah is a Millersville University student majoring in Early Childhood Education (Pre K - Grade 4) with a double minor in African American Studies and Spanish Culture Studies. In her Sophomore Year at Millersville University, Niema took ENGL 333 African-American Literature 1; where, for her final paper, she wrote on the topic of African Americans “Finding Identity Through Education”. When presented with the opportunity to complete her African American Studies minor, through an Independent Study, Niema decided to continue research on the topic of African American Identity, and so, this project began. Through 

Author's Note: 

There are no known conflicts of interest to disclose. 
Thank you to my advisor and professor, Dr. Clarence Maxwell, for all your support during this project.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Niema Y. Abdullah at

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