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Accessing Information: A Comparison of Media Ethics

By Emily Hyser

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Emily (“Ellie”) Hyser is a Junior here at Millersville University, and they happen to be an English major with a Minor in Journalism. After they graduate, they plan on pursuing their MFA in Creative Writing. After this, they plan on becoming a journalist, and soon after, an editor. Although they are deeply passionate about news media, their dream job would have to be “author.” 

This project originated as an assignment for their Press and Society class. Initially, the essay focused on a comparison of two books: The Four Theories of the Press and This is not Propaganda. This project revives the essay and reframes the context in order to analyze the history and present of news media and predict the future of it, too. 

They wanted to do this project because they’re passionate 

about the ethics code and integrity within journalism. It’s of their opinion that journalists have an obligation to report the truth and to report all of it, objectively, in order to be doing their jobs properly. This project interlocks heavily with these ethics issues which also involves news, journalists, the general public, and the government.

Author's Note: 

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose. 

Thank you to my professor, Dr. Joel Berg, for all your support during this project. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Emily E. Hyser at

Keywords: ethics, disinformation, journalism, theories of the press, mass-media

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