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Benefits of a Student-Run Research Journal

By Haley Schott, Macy SOuders, Leah Freeman, Sarah Solomon, & Rachel Hicks

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Haley Schott, Macy Souders, Leah Freeman, Sarah Solomon, and Rachel Hicks are the current MiMJ interns for the 2021 issue. Haley, the Marketing & Outreach Specialist, is a senior English and History major. After graduation, she hopes to do something that combines her love of English and history. Macy, the Web Design Specialist, is a senior Applied Engineering Technology Management major with a concentration in Graphic Communications and a minor in Marketing. After graduation, they plan to pursue a career within the graphics department of marketing, serving as a Design Specialist, or a position similar in qualifications. Leah, the Project Manager for Authors, is an Honors College Junior working toward a BA in English with a concentration in Writing Studies, as well as two minors in Linguistics and Psychology. Sarah, the Author Support Specialist, is a junior Biology major working toward a BS in biology. She hopes to attend graduate school to work towards a Ph.D. in microbiology in the future. Rachel, the Editorial Team Liaison, is a senior English major with a concentration in Writing Studies, a minor in History, and a minor in Government & Political Affairs. After graduation, Rachel plans to attend the University of Maryland for Archival

Studies and History. This interdisciplinary team will reflect on their experiences by identifying the multiple learning opportunities afforded to the interns as they helped publish the 2021 issue.

Author's Note:

Thank you to our faculty directors Dr. Farkas and Prof. Pashkova-Balkenhol for all of your support, guidance, and cheerleading through this internship.

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Rachel J. Hicks at

Keywords:   publishing, journal, internship, learning, reflection

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